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Why do I always have so much discharge before and after my period?


I’m going to start by assuring you that vaginal discharge (especially around the time of your period) is normal. If it bothers you to have discharge on your panties the days before and after your period (semi-soaked panties are never fun), try using liners. You’re probably used to hearing that liners are for the light days of your period, but they also come in handy for those “discharge days.” They’re multi-purpose and multi-handy.


We all have discharge daily and, from what I just learned in Nancy Redd’s book “Body Drama,” we have usually less than a teaspoon. The right kind of discharge keeps the vagina working and healthy. If I am bothered by too much discharge I use thin liners on those days to keep feeling more protected down there. Check out health expert Dr. Molly’s take on this for the complete medical lowdown.


Isn’t that a pain?! We are all a bit goopy just before our periods as our hormones change and sometimes that changes our discharge and makes us a bit of a mess. Not everyone experiences this, but those of us who do cab be really annoyed by it. We all experience the hormone shifts as our bodies realize we aren’t pregnant, the cervix, vagina, and uterus change and some discharge is the result. I use a panty liner for these days and once the discharge is brownish, I start using a tampon because I know my period is starting. At the end of my period, when the tampon is coming out will only a little blood, I start using the liners again until I’m back to my normal, light discharge. Hormones -- what a hassle!

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