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Does wearing a pad vs. a tampon shorten your period?


Great question! I’m not sure if this is medically true (you’ll need to see what our health expert Sandy has to say for the real deal), but when I use tampons it can sometimes seem like my period is shorter. Most likely that’s because I find them easy to use…no muss no fuss. I’m really interested to see what Sandy has to say about this.


I’ve always thought that my period seems shorter when I use tampons vs. pads, but I think it’s because I’m more aware of the pads than I am the tampons. No matter what you use, your period will last the same amount of time.


You know, I have actually wondered the same thing before! My period suddenly ended while I was wearing a tampon and I thought to myself, “I wonder if that was why.” However, the professional side of me will say that I have never read or heard any information about there being differences in length of period depending on whether you wear a pad or a tampon.

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