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Why do my breasts hurt when I'm getting close to my period?

Ugh, PMS! It’s just not fair. My breasts always hurt when I’m about to get my period, along with my lower back. I also get crazy massive cravings for sugary or salty things. Oh and don’t forget the cramps. In short, leading up to your period, your body starts producing more hormones and that is what causes all the aches and pains. The good news is that soon after you get your period, all of that will go away. If the pain gets to be a little too much, try some ibuprofen.
Breast pain before your period is usually attributed to the fluctuation of hormonal levels. When I was younger, I found that “binding” my boobs seemed to alleviate some of the pain, as it rendered them immobile. I personally like “uni-boob” bras (as my sister calls sports bras) – I’ve even worn two at once to strap my girls down. Of course, back then, I avoided exercise like the plague. I wouldn’t suggest that though, because research has found that exercise can actually be beneficial for relieving PMS symptoms like breast pain. So invest in an excellent supportive bra, grab a water and go for a gentle walk.
Your breast tissue is sensitive to changes in hormone levels, mainly estrogen and progesterone. During the second half of your period, these are elevated to prepare the lining of the uterus. All of this stimulation makes the breast tissue swell a little and become tender. Cutting back on salt (the kind that you put on food and the kind that comes in processed food) and caffeine (coffee, soda and chocolate) should help with your breast pain.

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