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Period Stigma Still Exists

We conducted a study around period perceptions. And the results may surprise you.

A woman wrapped in a blanket sits and looks out a window with her head in her hands


of women have heard jokes or comments suggesting their mood or behavior is due to their periods


of women are more self-conscious while on their periods

A woman sits with her knees up and looks into the camera
A woman in a gray t-shirt looks into the camera


of women hide their tampons or pads when they go to the restroom

We know periods don’t hold women back. The sight of a tampon shouldn’t make anyone feel uncomfortable. Or judged. Or stereotyped. And yet, no matter how far we’ve come, period stigma still exists.

It's time to view women as the capable, competent, period-having people we are.

It’s our mission to defy negative perceptions around periods. We’re starting a New Cycle.

We’re starting a bigger conversation. Join us by staying informed. You can learn more eye-opening results from our White Paper by downloading it below. And together we can shine a light on the false perceptions that have been ingrained in us all for too long.

Period or Not, She can

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How has period stigma affected you?

Let's keep the conversation going. Share your story to help us start a new cycle and change period perceptions. Your story may be featured on our website, social channels or in U by Kotex® emails.

“I feel less confident when I'm on my period. I feel like there's a side of me that I always have to hide.”

“I think women hide their sanitary products ... because it's what they've been taught as a kid ... it's [Something] that I'm trying to unlearn ... "

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