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This got me thinking. Have any of us ever truly loved our bodies in the first place?

Do this when you get the first chance. Find a mirror.  Take a deep breath, and look at yourself from head to toe. Then write down five things you love about yourself.  Can you?

Why is this so incredibly difficult for many of us? Some blame society and the endless Photo Shopping of models in print and online, which seem to hold us to a standard that is completely unrealistic.

I think this insecurity might have even deeper roots.   I’ve talked to many women and they recall – even as little girls – comparing  themselves to others in their elementary school classes and never feeling pretty enough, skinny enough or good enough.

So, if you looked in the mirror when I asked you to, were you able to come up with five things you love about yourself? Or did statements like this pop into your mind?

If only…

I had bigger boobs – I could fill out my bikini top.

I had smaller boobs – I can’t wear a tank top or run. They get in the way.

I had a flatter stomach. Mine is too much.

I had a fuller butt. Mine is so flat and has no shape.

I had a smaller butt. It sticks out too much.

I had skinnier legs. I hate my cankles.

I had shapelier legs. Mine are stick skinny.

What can we do to battle these insecurities?  Maybe I asked for too much when I asked you to come up with five things you love. Start with three.

How about I go first? I love my naturally crazy curly hair. It took a long time to get to this point, but I really do love it. I love my muscular legs. They’re not “fat” like I used to think they were. Not loving my stomach yet, but it is a work in progress. I love the slow changes I’m seeing as I eat well and exercise.

We want to hear from you. Can you share your top three?
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