To Groom or Not to Groom...

by Jordan Miller
Razors, brush, hair ties, liners, lip balm

One area where opinions and habits vary greatly is pubic hair. Pubic hair helps to keep bacteria out of the vagina and urinary tract. However, there are no medical reasons why you should or shouldn't shave (or wax). If you do choose to shave and you're sexually active, it's recommended that you don't do it right before you have sex. The little nicks, cuts and minor abrasions that can happen when you shave can create additional possible sites for sexually transmitted infections to be transmitted or acquired.

Here is how some our Real Answer Panelists handle their pubic hair:

I remember climbing out of the swimming pool when I was 13, and my Mom pulled me aside and whispered in my ear that I had some `moss' growing down there. It took me a few minutes to grasp her meaning. Not long after, we went shopping for bikini wax strips. Personally, I've found the backed `peel and stick' strips the easiest (though not the most painless) and least messy option. - Peer panelist Amy Vaughan

I have had laser hair removal (love it!) on the majority of my bikini line, and trim the length of the remaining hairs with my husband's beard trimmer. - Health Expert Panelist Michelle Petropoulos

I will be the first to admit, I am not as well-groomed as I should be - especially after the summer when the bathing suits are put away. - Mom Panelist Gretchen Van-Monette

I keep my bathroom stocked with hair removal cream.  It's not perfect and you do have to be good with a timer, but the creams have come a long way since the ones I tried in my teen years.  In fact, they've become so reliable that I barely think about waxing anymore. - Mom Panelist Stacey DuFord

Don't feel like you "should be" doing anything that you don't want to. Some women and girls feel better with some trimming, some get rid of everything, and some have no desire to remove a single hair. You wouldn't let your friends tell you how to cut the hair on your own head! It's your vagina. In fact, someone trying to make you feel bad about your pubic hair - whatever you choose to do with it - is pretty ridiculous. Don't you think?

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