Grasie Mercedes' Gym Bag Basics

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Getting ready for the gym? Make sure to bring all your fav products for before and after your amazing workout sesh.  

Grasie's Gym Bag Basics

  • Lip Balm – Protect and soften your lips before going for a run. 
  • U by Kotex® FITNESS* Tampons – Bring extra tampons in your little FitPak* so that you're always prepared. 
  • Face Wipes – To help prevent clogged pores, remove make-up pre-workout.  
  • Water Bottle – Stay hydrated, especially when you're on your period.
  • Facial Spray – Refresh your skin post workout and you’ll be ready to go!
  • Lotion – Pamper yourself after a shower at the gym with some hydrating lotion. 

What do you bring in your gym bag?

Green gym bag open displaying various contents such as hand weights, water bottle, hairbrush, UbyKotex product.

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