Guys Are Clueless After All

Guys are Clueless

How much do the guys in our lives know about that time of the month? We asked a few to find out. Props to some of them—laughs for the rest.

How long does a period usually last?

Most guys were almost spot on: "Isn't it something like four days to a week?" (The right answer is three to five days.)

But they weren't all close: "It doesn’t ever stop."

Where does the blood come from?

A few admitted they had no idea, but some knew this much: "It's coming from the uterine lining—like ripping off your own freaking skin."

(That's actually pretty accurate. Your uterus is shedding.)

How much blood is lost?

Looks of panic abounded: "Is it a pint? No, it can't be a pint. I'd say it's got to be about a cup or more—I'd hope less, but about a cup-plus."

And new units of measure were discovered: "One tampon full." (It's actually about 2 to 3 tablespoons.)

What's the difference between a tampon and a pad?

Most guys were close enough: "One you tape over the wound, and one you stick in the wound."

Others were totally clueless: "One is more reinforced than the other? Like if you're in the upper range, you use a pad, and if you need to pull out the big guns, you use a tampon?"

(You girls know this one. You insert a tampon into your vagina — a pad sticks to your underwear.)

How often do you have to change a tampon?

We heard everything from "two or three times per day" to "once a week," but some took it to the extreme: "You have to change it every two to four hours because if you don't, you die."

(Every four to six hours, ladies.)

What do cramps feel like?

"The morning after cheap Tex Mex." Hmm, never thought of it that way. Never thought about this one, either, because not sure we all know: "Like when you overwork your abs."

How can you tell a woman is on her period?

Someone knew his old wives' tales: "Maybe if you're in the ocean, and there are sharks, you should ask."

But a few sounded like they knew from experience: "If you ask, 'Are you on your period?' and they kill you." (Though, honestly, that has to be an exaggeration.)

And what about period sex?

"Free lubricant!" (Meanwhile, his friends side-eyed: "Yeah, that's a no-go.")


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