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There are just some things guys will never understand. How much it sucks to break a nail when you've just had a manicure. The horror of shopping for bathing suits. Or the desperate desire to shut up a snorer beside you. And, of course, they’ll never, ever get PMS.

Sure, they try to be understanding and gentle. They walk on eggshells and speak gingerly. They try to load the dishwasher and put on the new roll of toilet paper just the way you like it. They stay out of your way at the bathroom sink. They quietly listen to you complain about being bloated and about how your underwear looks like a crime scene in the morning. Oh yes, they try. But, inevitably, they screw up. They say something stupid. Even if it's really not all that stupid, you'll hear it as stupid.

"You're really kind of bitchy tonight. Are you PMSing?"

"Why so emotional? Seems like everything I say makes you cry."

"Is it PMS time? Is that why you're so moody?"

When we're in the throes of PMS, what comes out of his mouth can make your head spin around and your voice rise to a pitch only dogs can hear.

Funny thing is, if our girlfriends say precisely the same thing, we give them a pass.  Maybe even a high five and a "yeah, girl!" It's all about the empathy. No guy knows what it's like to have a rollercoaster of emotions coursing through your body. No guy gets why you just want to be in sweats and curled in a ball for a few days.

But your girlfriends totally get it. They've been there. They know it. They've lived it. Every. Single. Month.


Being a guy myself,menstruation to me is a most natural recurring function of the female reproduction system and the very reason why we all exist in the first place,I've never understood what is so gross about periods when it's a most crucial issue regarding women's health and wellbeing,I myself find it such a wonderful and most fascinating subject to learn about and all this period shaming,taboos and stigma really does my head in

" - APOTHEcary2170
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