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Can I use a tampon if my period is almost over?


You can use tampons from the beginning to the end of your period, even if that means you’re using a tampon a minute before your period actually ends. Though, I wouldn’t imagine there’s a way we can time the exact second, or even minute, our period ends. But anyway, the gist of it is that it’s definitely okay to use a tampon even if you’re coming to the end of your period. Same goes with pads.


Good question! This is a personal choice. I just would be careful that the tampon you use is of a low absorbency. If I am at the end of my cycle and want to go swimming, that is what I choose. Let’s see from a medical standpoint what our healthcare expert Sandy thinks as well.


That depends. Sometimes your flow could be heavy enough to safely use a light absorbency tampon until your final day. I would use the following logic as my decision-maker on whether it is safe to do this or not: if you remove your tampon after 4 hours and it does not feel dry, then your flow could be heavy enough at the end to justify wearing a tampon. However, if it is dry and feels uncomfortable removing, then I would opt for a thin pad or a panty liner for the final day or two of your period as a safer option. Remember, wearing the lightest absorbency flow tampon available helps prevent any issues from tampon use.

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