My periods are so heavy that I'm wearing two large tampons inserted at the same time side by side to get any relief. Do you have any other suggestions?

You must have a really heavy flow to feel the need to wear two tampons! Yikes! This is NOT a good idea. Tampons are designed to be used one at a time. If you need to change it more often please do but only use one at a time. You can add a pad for extra protection if you aren’t sure you can get to a bathroom every couple of hours to change your tampon but wearing two puts you at greater risk for toxic shock syndrome. If your flow is so heavy that you can’t make it even a couple of hours without leaking even when you are using a super tampon, you need to make an appointment with your healthcare provider for advice.
I know from heavy periods! I have a day or two with extremely heavy flow and it can be a bear to manage at times. (Anyone who has walked a mile in our shoes knows about the sudden “whoosh” that comes from standing up too quickly!) Two tampons at the same time isn't a great idea, though. I know you want to feel secure and prevent leaks, but it's important to be safe and follow manufacturer instructions for tampons. Instead, why not try wearing both a tampon and a pad on your heavy days? Also, you should speak to your healthcare provider about your heavy periods. There may not be an issue that's causing heavy flow — that's just how things are for some girls — but it's best to discuss it and just make sure.
Besides a slight emergency in a mall dressing room, I've never inserted two tampons at the same time. After that debacle ended poorly, I now only wear tampons as directed on the insert in the package -- which means one at a time! Have you tried using tampons specifically meant for heavy-flow days? You also might want to make sure that you're inserting the first tampon correctly (if it's not inserted correctly, it won't work as well!). Here's a helpful video. If those aren't doing the trick, this might be an issue you'll want to consult with your healthcare professional. In the mean time, stick to one tampon at a time with a pad or panty liner to prevent leakage. You may have to change your tampon more frequently, but trust me, it's crucial to use tampons only as directed!
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