The top of a tampon broke off inside of me. What do I do?

Since a tampon (or piece of one) can’t ever get stuck inside you, you should be able to reach in and pull the piece out with your fingers. If you can’t get it for any reason, you might have to call your healthcare professional. For the future, it might be time to brush up on your tampon insertion skills to make sure nothing breaks off again! Check out this video for tips.

Let me begin by saying you are NOT the first woman this has happened to, so be comforted in that. When this has happened to me, I find that it’s usually due to the fact that it was toward the end of my period and it was particularly dry down there. Since it’s a pretty safe bet that it’s not too far up there, just use your fingers and reach inside your vagina to pull it out. It may help for you to lie down on your side or your back if you’re more comfortable. This has happened to me twice and both times I curled up in a fetal position on my side so that I could reach it. Good luck with that and remember: you’re not the only one this has happened to.


Not fun and really uncommon! This sure doesn’t happen often and I am not sure if you mean that the string came off and the rest of the tampon is inside or if you mean that you were able to remove part of the tampon but some remained inside. Either way, you can remove what is left there by sitting on the toilet with your legs apart and relax (easier said than done but really try). Then while you are pushing like you are going to poop, put a couple of your fingers inside your vagina and grasp the tampon and pull it out while your body helps by pushing. If that doesn’t work or if you are too grossed out to try it, you can always go to your health care provider and she can get it out for you. What’s most important though is that you do something, and soon. The longer the tampon stays in, the greater the chance for infection which can sometimes be serious.


paola you should get it checked out cuz thoes leftover cotton fibers(strings) can cause an infection!

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