What do you do when you change your pad at school? Should I go to my locker and grab one out of my backpack? Or should I use a purse? Won't people know if I have my period if I'm taking my purse to the bathroom?


Oh, there are a lot of ways to tackle this issue. I used to keep them in my backpack, that way they were always with me, and I used to change it between classes. Eventually, I caved and started carrying a purse and then I could just get one from there or take the purse with me into the bathroom (and if you take it to the bathroom all the time, how will they know if you’re not just touching up makeup? Or changing a pad?). Of course, now pads are a lot more compact than when I was in school. They have some really cool colorful tins you can use to carry them in that are super discreet. No one will guess they are pads.

Just be mature about it and let people think whatever they want. Every girl gets her period eventually. You have nothing to be ashamed of!


If you have time to get to your locker, that is a good option. How big is your high school? Can you be sure you’ll have a conveniently located locker? If you don’t want anyone to know when you are having your period you could start carrying your purse every day. My daughter goes to a very large high school and is not allowed to carry her backpack to class, but is allowed to carry a small bag (purse or mini backpack) that she always has with her. That way she can have supplies with her when she needs them and if the class she’s in isn’t close to her locker she is prepared.

You’ll probably find, though, that even if you carry your purse just when you have your period, that most people are actually too self-absorbed to notice that you aren’t carrying it all the time.


I remember worrying about the exact same things: how and when am I going to change my pad and won’t everyone know when they see me? Keep in mind that if half of the kids in your school are girls, about one-fourth of the girls are having their period when you are. Bottom line -- you are not alone! Now, let’s talk solution. You could do what you just said and put your pad in your pocket and walk to the bathroom. You could also carry a small purse or wristlet with you. Think about keeping a small brush or comb, tissue and some lip gloss there, too. It doesn’t have to only carry your pads or tampons. If you carry it every day when you go to the bathroom, it might feel more natural and less noticeable. Another option is to wear and tampon and a pad in the morning when you leave for school. Half-way through the day, you can go to the bathroom, take out the tampon and you already have a clean pad on to use the rest of the day. Trying to feel okay about it will also help, like I said, you are not alone!

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