What should be included in a first period kit?


I try to preach first-period-kits to every girl who hasn’t yet started her period but will soon. I am very meticulous about what should go into a first period kit – I’m always sure to cover all of the bases. The kit I’m going to describe to you is the one I’ve already put together for my little sister who’s waiting to start her period.  So, let’s start with the basics. You’re going to need to put both tampons and pads in there; just in case you don’t like one, you’ll have the other. If you want to be really detailed and as obsessive-compulsive as I was, add both tampons with plastic applicators and tampons with cardboard ones. The kit will also need some sort of over-the-counter medication (like ibuprofen) for cramps. On top of everything you already have in this kit, you’ll need a mini-kit. The mini-kit is your craving kit. Usually, before every “that time of the month”, I have all sorts of cheesy chips or crackers, hummus, and Now-And-Laters (whatever flavors are left over from the last month). I don’t know how they came to be, but those are my go-to period cravings snacks. In the kit for my little sister, I’ve packed her favorite snacks (be sure to pack only foods that’ll keep over time). Once you’ve put those all together, take a step back and admire the glory that is your first first-period-kit.


What a great idea and a nice way to celebrate the special event! I would get a cool little purse and put in basics like a sampler of tampons, pads and panty liners, some pain reliever, a water bottle and a heating pad. Then I’d jazz it up with some fun, frivolous items -- new lip gloss, nail polish, a magazine, a bit of chocolate. I’d also include the awesome book “Body Drama” by Nancy Redd to help answer any questions the girls might have but don’t want to ask.


It’s a great idea to be prepared for the arrival of your first period by packing the “necessities” so you have them on hand! I recommend including a few pads and liners, a small bottle of pain reliever, and an extra pair of underwear. You might want to create a couple of kits – one to keep at home, and one to keep in your backpack or purse.

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