When I sit in class for a while, my blood slides off the back of my pad and gets on my underwear. I'm scared I'll leak. How can I stop this? I don't use tampons.


I’m a tampon kinda gal, but I think your issue may have more to do with pad positioning. I recommend shifting the pad a little more towards the rear of your undies (instead of dead center). I think this should help accommodate for the downward tilt that can happen when you’re slouched or seated for an extended period of time. This might also be a good opportunity to give tampons a try. I promise they’re a lot less intimidating than they look and the plastic applicator is a great choice for a tampon newbie, just be sure to wear a liner while you get used to them (to help avoid leaks).


When it comes to wearing pads, positioning is key. Some pads have one end that is wider than the other. If yours are made like that, put the wider part of the pad toward the back of your underwear and shift the whole pad a little further back. I sleep on my stomach, so I always put the wider part in front when I sleep (and I position the pad a little further forward). Then during the day, when I’m usually sitting at my desk, I put the wider part toward the back.


Oh, I hate when that happens. My preference is to wear pads, too, so these are the things that I have found make a difference in preventing those embarrassing leaks. The first thing I do to help keep this from happening is to make sure that my pad is right in the center of my underwear. You might have a stain that your discharge has left – aim for the middle of the pad to go right over that area. The next thing I do is to make sure that I am wearing more snug fitting underwear and good fitting pants. If I decide to wear a skirt, I wear tights or leggings underneath or in the summer I have even worn an extra pair of underwear just to keep that pad in place. Some brands make a “long” pad. I like to use these for heavier days. They are not necessarily bulkier, but do a good job in keeping that blood from sliding off the back. I also think using a pad with wings helps to keep the pad snugger against the outside of the vagina so it doesn’t get the chance to make its way to the back of the pad.  The bottom line (no pun intended) is to keep that pad in place!


i wear a pad and add a pantiliner and put it on the back

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