Are large and numerous blood clots a normal part of the cycle?


As strange as it sounds, it’s great to hear that you are paying attention to what’s coming outta there during your period. A lot of times we concern ourselves with the weird things that come out between our periods. Clotting is not too uncommon. However, if you large clots (larger than a quarter) every period, then you should speak with your healthcare provider.


Some clotting is common and isn't a cause for alarm. I tend to have quite a few small clots during my heaviest days. But if you're passing clots larger than a quarter or finding an excessive number of clots, then it's a good idea to go see your healthcare professional.


Yucky, but normal. I have lots of clots with each period and they can vary in size from a dime to a silver dollar in size. Clots happen because your lining breaks off in larger chunks rather than dripping off in tiny pieces that just seem like a stream of blood. The good news is that if you have clots, you are getting a larger amount out at once and you may have a slightly shorter period. But, if they are much larger than the size of a silver dollar or if you are feeling funky during your period, you should see your health care provider.

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