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Do you lose the weight you gain while you're on your period?


Lots of us retain extra water in the week or so before our periods. It is this water retention that causes tender, heavy boobs and weight gain just before your period. You can counteract this by watching what you eat and drink during the second half of your cycle. Even though you may crave salty foods, eating fewer of them will help limit the amount of water weight gain you'll have. Drinking a lot of water is your body's response to this extra salt in an attempt to ready the body for the possibility of pregnancy and that is why you are so thirsty before your period.


Yes, you can lose that weight. It is temporary as long you return to normal non-craving behavior. For me this is to not continue to eat the salty chips and the hot fudge sauce out of the jar. Your body handles the period part, but you need to make the right choices, drinking lots of water, some exercise and you should be just fine.


It depends! If the weight you gain is mostly water weight (you'll experience it as bloating -- ugh, not fun), then you'll lose it as soon as you stop retaining water. If the weight gain is from eating a few too many cookies or chocolate, then it could be there to stay unless you compensate by eating healthier and exercising in the weeks following your period. If you feel a little bit hungrier during your period, that's totally common. I usually feel a LOT hungrier! Your body actually does burn more calories while you're on your period, so some of that extra hunger is understandable. As long as you satisfy your cravings with healthy, whole foods, your weight should naturally even out after your cycle ends!

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