Does drinking lemon juice or taking ibuprofen help shorten a period?

Before your question, I had never heard of anyone trying either of those methods to shorten their period. But thanks to a little Google searching I discovered that a lot of girls have the same question as you! As far as I know neither of those things can actually shorten the amount of days your period lasts. However, I am not a healthcare expert so I am interested to see what Elisabeth says about this one! For me, taking ibuprofen a few days before my period is suppose to start helps prevent cramps, which can make my period a lot easier to deal with.
Thank you for this question. It actually prompted me to get some iced lemon water as I am on the second day of my period. I wish I could say it shortens my period but it does not. It does however, help me tremendously with bloating. Ibuprofen is another lifesaver that helps alleviate my cramps, but sadly does not change the duration either.
While taking ibuprofen may help ease the cramps that accompany periods for some women, neither ibuprofen nor lemon juice should have any impact on the duration of your period. A "normal" period lasts somewhere between four and seven days (though it's also normal to have some light spotting before or after your heaviest flow, which could make your period longer). If you are concerned about the length of your periods, I recommend you speak to your healthcare provider. Oral contraceptives (birth control pills) can shorten the duration of periods for some women.
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