Don't Let Your Period Sneak Up On You!

by Chelsea Krost
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Don’t ever let your period catch you off guard. It is so easy and simple to track your period and never have to worry about wearing your fabulous pair of white pants.

First and foremost, the best way to always know when that time of the month is coming is to make a cycle calendar. It's simple: mark it down in either your BlackBerry, iPhone, iPod, iPad, computer, planner, calendar -- I know you must have at least one of those -- the first day of each period. When the next month comes around, you can remind yourself of the first day of your last cycle and start preparing a week prior to that last period date. I always give myself a week before my last period date and a week after as my potential cycle time frame. I know that my period never comes on the same day each month and it is perfectly okay if yours doesn't too.

Now, if you forget to mark your date down there are plenty of "period signals" that can make you aware that your period may be coming to visit. Are your jeans a little snug? Is your belly a little bloated? Are you craving salt or chocolate? Are you more hungry than normal? Are you feeling irritable and snapping at your friends, boyfriend, or MOTHER? And the clincher: Do you have that one big juicy zit on your face? … RED FLAG!! Your period is most likely coming soon. All of those symptoms can be due to PMS -- and yes PMS is real!

PMS is your body reacting to the hormone changes going on inside of you. These warning signs are something us women can all relate to whether it’s the bloating, the mood swings or the ultimate crave for chocolate. But, it is good to know why you're at least feeling the way you do, and that it is most likely due to your menstruation.

Now if you’re anything like me, which means you’re not perfect (and hey, I don’t know who is), sometimes I forget to mark down my last period date and my body really shows little warning signs of menstruation. Because of this, I am always prepared. I carry my wristlet of necessities around in my school bag or purse. My wristlet contains two tampons, a liner, and one pad. I’m always ready to help a friend of mine or a girl in need in the public restrooms. It feels good to always be prepared and never have to worry about being caught in a messy situation, if you know what I mean!

Being prepared doesn’t mean that you already have had your period. If you are starting to come into your young teen years, pay attention to your body on the way it looks and feels. Most girls get their first period between the ages of 9 and 16, so really it is never too early to prepare yourself. It may be your best friend who may benefit from your smart planning. You could become someone else’s lifesaver, as well as your own, all due to thinking ahead!


kokolol, waiting & waiting can drive you crazy, right!! The best thing for you to do is be prepared for when it might come. Some like to wear a liner everyday to avoid any surprises, then keep a pad/tampon in your purse/backpack to be ready. Once you've had a few periods,

" - Sandy Knauf, NP UbK
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