Featured Q&A: "Is it normal to be snoopy about other people’s periods?"

by Nancy Redd
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Q: Is it normal to love talking about periods and be snoopy about other people’s periods?

A: You’re totally normal, Megan!  While every woman menstruates, it’s a different experience for each individual.  Comparing and contrasting your flow, cramps, length, clots, and other pieces of your period puzzle with others not only helps you to figure out what’s normal and what’s not, but also is fun and fascinating.  Gabbing  about being on the rag is a great way to break the cycle of period shame not only for yourself, but for those you’re chatting with.  If your friends wrinkle their noses, or try to change the subject at first, it might be because they’re embarrassed or afraid of the topic. You could break the ice by sharing some of your own anecdotes and experiences so that they realize that they’re not alone and there’s nothing to be ashamed about.  If you’re worried about putting too much of yourself out there at first, use the Ban the Bland Design Challenge as well as the Real Answers Q&As to get the conversation flowing (pun intended) in a different, more creative way!

If your crusade to converse about periods hits a wall with some women, don’t be alarmed.  It’s also normal not to love talking about periods or to be curious about other people’s periods.  Being unashamed about your period has a different meaning for everyone – being educated about your body doesn’t mean that you’ve gotta talk about periods and vaginas nonstop, or even at all. Not all of us want to shout out from the rooftop when Aunt Flow is in town, but it’s important to not be embarrassed about needing a tampon or pad, or having cramps.   And if there’s a problem or concern, everyone, no matter how much they love or hate talking about their periods, needs to feel comfortable getting help ASAP and talking about their own body in a private setting with a medical professional or partner.


Angelina, here's the link I mentioned below: https://www.ubykotex.com/real_answers/education/article?id=50740

" - Sandy Knauf, NP
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