Four Reasons It’s OK to Be Open About Your Period

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For some people, a period is like Voldermort in the Harry Potter books -- that which must not be named. They are uncomfortable talking about it because they think it’s gross, weird, awkward, or inappropriate to bring it up. (Or maybe they just think it will summon a dark wizard if they do?) But talking about your period really isn’t that big of a deal. Here are four reasons it’s totally OK to be open about your period.

1. You’re not the only one experiencing a period. A period isn’t some rare disease that affects only you. Having a period’s a normal and common experience for women. (And enough boys and men have sisters, mothers, daughters, and wives that it’s a common experience in their lives, too.) There’s no reason to feel embarrassed about a topic that so many people experience either directly or indirectly.

2. Talking about it can make experiencing it better -- or at least less scary. One way we determine if something we’re experiencing is normal and healthy is talking about it.  If no one talked about what cramps felt like, we might think cramps were a sign that something was seriously wrong. If no woman ever talked about the length of her cycle, we might think that a period should last 3 weeks at a time. So the more open we are about it, the easier it is to tell when things are on track, and when we should be concerned.

3. The more people who are open about it, the easier it will be for everyone to be open about it. It’s entirely likely that your friends want to talk about their periods (or lack thereof) too...but are afraid you don’t want to talk about it. Like we said, being open about it can help be the brave one and take the first step! We’re guessing your friends will all breathe a sigh of relief when you bring it up.

4. Not talking about it doesn’t make it go away. It’s not like if you pretend your period isn’t happening, you won’t get your period. What’s the point in avoiding it? While you may think it will make you feel more comfortable to just pretend it’s not happening, what’s really comforting is being able to relax and be open about your experiences with those closest to you.


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