These Girl Dilemmas Don't Go Away

Girl dilemmas

"It just gets better with age" doesn't exactly apply to your womanhood. But it doesn't not apply either. Some down-there issues will linger forever, but that gives us plenty of time to cope. Here's what we know from experience.

1. Thick, lush hair … where you don't want it

"Everyone I know gets Brazilians—except me. So I'm in the stirrups, and a student says to the doctor, 'Oh, she’s a candidate for laser hair removal.' WTF?" 

Don't let anyone tell you how much—or how little—hair is right for you. If you shave, go with the grain to avoid ingrown hairs. If you wax, go with an aesthetician who understands what you want. And if you leave your hedges untrimmed, hey, you go.

2. Too-public products

"I was grabbing my phone out of my pocket—and a tampon fell out. In front of a huge crowd. While I wasn't as mortified as I would've been when I was younger, it wasn't exactly ideal."

Listen—we've got bodies, and they function. What's to be shy about? Especially with tampons in fantastic colors too cute to hide.

3. Surprise leakage

"How about getting your period at a friend's house? On her white upholstered chair? I took her aside, asked for a damp towel, and said to myself, 'I got this.' But the second I got in my car, I cried."

Forgot to check your calendar? Use a period tracker, keep extra panty liners handy—and remember—if it happens to you, you're not alone.

4. Breakouts like clockwork

"I still get mongo pimples just before my period, usually right in the middle of my face. It's like a big announcement to the world."

Two-thirds of acne-prone ladies get flare-ups just before their periods. It's hormonal—which is why the pill can often smooth things out. Meanwhile, don't pick at it! It will go away on its own. Promise.

5. The dreaded UTI

"I was out of the country when I felt the telltale twinge. I ended up spending the night in a Canadian ER."

Ugh! Urinary tract infections will kill the mood fast. Pee right after sex, wipe front to back, and, hey, pro tip: If you're prone to UTIs, ask your gynecologist for a scrip before you travel internationally.


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