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How come when I sneeze, I can feel more blood rushing out?


This totally happens to me sometimes, but I haven’t yet found an answer for this question. I would assume that it happens because when we sneeze, our body tenses up and that causes whatever blood there already was in our vagina to come out. It’s a weird feeling isn’t it? To sneeze and feel blood rush out. I haven’t yet gotten used to it – it still gets me every time.


What a great question! I’ve often wondered that myself. My best guess would be that a sneeze is such a short, intense action by your body (and I do believe that you contract all the way down through your diaphragm) that it acts like an accordion and gets everything moving. While you’re having your period, your uterus is contracting to move the unused lining out, so a sneeze probably just helps that process move along a little harder and faster. Again, that’s just my opinion after paying attention to my period and asking questions for lots of years.  Please be sure and read Sandy’s answer for the medical explanation; I know I plan to!

It is really a simple matter of force and gravity. A lot of things would bulge out when you sneeze (or cough or have a bowel movement) because of the force that is used. But we have been made with muscles and tissue that hold a lot of our organs and bodily fluids in place until we are ready to release them (think of peeing or pooping). However, your vagina and menstrual flow are not as controlled. If you have some blood making its way out of the uterus and vagina and you are using muscles in your stomach (including your diaphragm) when you sneeze, there is really nothing holding that blood or fluid in. That is why you will often feel the blood rushing out.
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