I don't have fluid blood on my period. I only have clots, and they hurt when they pass. I go through about 5 super tampons a day! Is this normal?


Though my period certainly isn't the highlight of my month, it doesn't seem quite as uncomfortable as what you're experiencing. I would head straight to your healthcare professional so she can help you have a more comfortable period!


Some clotting is to be expected. We all have those little cling-ons from time to time. The occasionally large clot isn't unheard of either. But frequent clots and the pain that you mention is a little concerning. I would discuss your period with your healthcare provider just to be sure there isn't an issue.


Your menstrual flow is actually a combination of blood and endometrial tissue. It is this endometrial tissue mixed with blood that gives the appearance of clots. Passing clots is not abnormal, but here is what you look for. If you are passing several clots, larger than a quarter, having severe cramps, or if you are saturating more than a thick pad or higher-absorbency tampon every two hours you should contact your health care provider for an exam. There are many options for you, both medications and procedures. In addition to the above, if your period is interfering with your lifestyle, causing missed days of work or school, or leaving you feeling so bad you’re not participating in usual activities, it’s time to do something about it. That something starts with an office visit to your health care provider to discuss options.

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