I got my period 10 days earlier than usual, and today I felt a gassy feeling in my lower stomach. Am I okay?


Age, weight, exercise, diet, stress, hormones, and a ton of other factors can affect the regularity of your menstrual cycle. Last year when I was training for my first 5K, I skipped my period entirely.  Even though I didn’t miss having it, it was slightly scary. So, I totally feel where you're coming from. However, whenever I think something wacky might be going on down there, I always give my healthcare provider a call to discuss the symptoms and recommend you do the same.


Gassy feelings could be the result of something that you ate or just the way your body is reacting to your period this month. Depending on the month, my period varies so much I cannot predict how I will feel. Some of us do go through issues with gas and constipation during our menstrual cycles. If I feel out of sorts, I always look at what kind of a day I had. First, what did I eat? Maybe you had something that just did not agree with you. Look at your day and be your own detective to see if there might be a culprit other than your early period. Let’s check out what our health expert, Dr. Molly, has to say for the medical opinion.


I suspect you are fine. If you have just a single cycle that’s way off like this one, it may just be a hiccup in your hormonal system. But if it happens again and again, you should talk to your healthcare provider. I suspect the gassy lower stomach feeling is a version of cramps that is driven by prostaglandins and will improve within a couple of days of starting your period.

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