I haven't had a period in almost 2 years. What is wrong with me?

Although not everyone’s cycle is a textbook 28 days, going two years (or even two or three months) without having a period is worth looking into. This is called amenorrhea (a-men-o-ree-ah).  Hormone imbalances are a common reason for this to happen. Stress, illness, pregnancy and even some medications can cause this, too.  Make an appointment to see your health care provider to talk about your specific symptoms. Doing this will help you find out why your periods have stopped and how to get them started again.
I'm assuming that you were having your period regularly and then it stopped. It's not unusual for young women to skip a period or two, but more than three missed periods is considered amenorrhea. Or, in language for us non-medical folk, the absence of menstruation. Sandy's answer will have more detail on the medical side of things. There are a lot of possible causes for missing your period. You need to see your healthcare provider to find out why your period has gone AWOL.
While no period for two years might sound like a good thing, I can’t imagine that it is, and there are a lot of reasons why your period could have stopped. But you’ll never know unless you ask! I wish I had the answer for you but this is a question for your healthcare provider for sure!
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