I normally have a light period, but this month it's extra heavy. Why?


Period flow is a funny thing. What is heavy to me could be light to you. And what is light to you could be heavy to someone else. Because everyone woman is different, those terms can be taken in different ways. What I suggest is talking to your healthcare provider. If it’s very unusual for you, it’s definitely worth talking to him/her about just to make sure all is well.


From my experience, periods vary. I have two light periods and then one heavy one. It took me a while to see that I even had a pattern. Everyone’s unique in that regard, but consider tracking how your cycles are and see if this is just how your body adjusts each month. And see what our health expert, Michelle, says about the heavy flow.


All periods are different, that is for sure. Anything and nothing can cause variations in your menstrual cycles. Stress, lack of sleep, diet, certain medications, starting or stopping birth control and sometimes nothing can be responsible for cycle changes. Many women don’t ovulate every month which can also cause cycles to be different month to month. One irregular period is very unlikely to be anything to worry about. Just monitor for now. When to take the next step? Visit your healthcare provider if your bleeding is very heavy (saturating a heavy-absorbency pad or tampon every 1-2 hours) or you are passing several large (bigger than a quarter) clots. Be aware that options (such as birth control pills) are available to help control your cycles if this continues.

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