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If my period is lighter than normal, will it last longer?


That’s a great question! Most of the time, your period will be about the same number of days each time regardless of how heavy or light it is. What determines how heavy or light your period is, is the thickness of the lining of your uterus that month. If anything, a lighter period may be a shorter period since the lining is more likely thinner. Plan for it to last the usual amount of time but remember periods sometimes have minds of their own, and may last a day longer or shorter for no clear reason, so be prepared!

Not necessarily. For many girls, periods are relatively consistent and follow the same length and pattern each time. For others, (myself included) periods like to play it fast and loose, changing the length, flow, and pattern almost every time.  A lighter period probably just means your uterine lining wasn't quite as thick that month so there wasn't as much to shed off. Your period may last the usual amount of time, it may take a little longer, or — bonus! — it may even be shorter than usual.
I don't know which I would rather have, a longer but lighter period or just a normal one. Good news though, you don't have to choose. Because even though your period is lighter, it's most likely to last as long as your average period does. That's at least the case when my period's "feeling drowsy" and lacking in substance. Wait it out and see if your period ends up lasting longer, because if it does, let's hope it doesn't, then you'll at least know what to expect when it starts going light again.
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