I'm always scared I will bleed through at school, so I wear my jacket around my waist (even in the burning heat!). What should I do?


Your fear of “bleeding through” your clothes is totally normal – no one wants to have to worry about the possibility of showing the world that you are on your period! Fortunately, there are a number of things that you can do to ease your mind that do not involve wearing a jacket around your waist. First of all, make sure you are using the best absorbency for your needs, whether you choose a pad or tampon.  Most teens can use “regular” pads or tampons, though some need more coverage from a pad or more absorbency from a tampon, particularly during the heavier days of their period. Second, if you wear tampons and are worried about leakage, you might want to use a panty liner as well. This way, any leakage will be soaked up by the liner, not your panties and outer clothes! Finally, lots of women feel more comfortable wearing dark-colored clothes during their periods, and saving their white pants for a time when they don’t have to think about the possibility of a stain appearing on them.


That’s the very question that school-aged girls ask as soon as they get their periods. It sounds like you’re not yet used to the flow of your period and you have had, perhaps, a few accidents. Are you wearing the right sized pad for you? Do you also wear tampons? Sometimes, on an extremely heavy flow day I might wear both. Make sure you are checking your pad or tampon during the school day on a regular basis. You have to be diligent about this or you may have an accident when you go too long without checking. In any case, be comfortable and wear clothing that wouldn’t betray any “accidents” (meaning darker pants or skirts), and change your pads or tampons regularly. You should be fine so long as you’re taking those precautions.


You should be comfortable with yourself, even if you’re on your period, and have confidence in either pads or tampons. Pads and tampons were made to prevent embarrassing stains on your pants and the worry that may arise at the idea of them. I too have been guilty of worse-case-scenario-thinking. I definitely wouldn’t recommend white pants; that’s pushing it. But don’t scare yourself into wearing a jacket around your waist. Jackets around the waist are for either peeing in your pants (brings back bad memories of the second grade) or after having accidentally sat in dog poo and/or gum. You don’t want to wear the fashion statement out. If you’re not comfortable trusting regular pads or tampons, then you should up the ante and consider using super pads or tampons instead (by super pads/tampons, I don’t mean the superhero of the categories, I mean the extra-absorbent size of them). Super pads and tampons were made for heavier flows and re-assurance. So, try letting your jacket hang on a rack instead of your waist.

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