I'm going to a friend's house for a sleepover and I have my period, and it's usually heavy. I feel uncomfortable changing pads in her washroom. What should I do?


I know just how you feel! Even though I was one of the last of my friends to get my period, I still was really self conscious about changing my pads anywhere but home. I felt everyone would see them and figure out I was on my period and for some reason I didn’t want anyone to know. When I was going over to a friend’s house for a stretch of time when I was having my period, I would carry little ziplock bags in my purse and after wrapping up my pad in toilet paper, I would put it in the baggie in my purse so I could throw them out when I got home. I know it sounds a little gross, but for some reason I felt like this was a better option than leaving my pads in the garbage can at a friend’s house. After a while, I got a lot more comfortable with the whole thing and realized that every other woman on earth has to deal with this, I started throwing out my pads or tampons wherever I happened to be.


I would feel horrible if one of my daughter’s friends didn’t want to stay the night because of her period!  We’re all girls; we’ve all had those “heavy” days.  And they are certainly no reason not to have fun! If you don’t feel comfortable talking to the friend who invited you, just go in prepared.  Take enough supplies that you won’t run out, with the maximum absorbency that is appropriate.  When you get to her house, find the bathroom you will be using and get the lay of the land.  Make sure you know how the door locks, where to find extra toilet paper, and where a plunger is (just in case).  And remember not to flush anything down the toilet!

If you’re self conscious about the pads in the trash can; perhaps you can take along some plastic grocery bags and wrap each one in its own individual “garbage bag” before placing it in the trash. I still recommend talking to your friend, and/or her mother (or female guardian).  I know that I would be more than willing to make sure one of my daughter’s friends was comfortable in our home.

I used to dread getting my period before a sleepover or a pool party. Now, I don’t. I’ve accepted that my period is what it is and I’m a girl, so, hey, guess what, I’m going to get it once a month even if I cross my fingers for 24 hours in hopes that I won’t. There are ways to help you become comfortable with your period, so let’s get you to that level of comfort before you go to that sleepover. First, open up about your period. Nothing’s more liberating than talking to a girlfriend about your period. I love complaining about cramps, and feeling bloated with a girlfriend, it not only lets them know I’m on my period (helps them excuse my crazy appetite and emotional roller coaster) but also, it makes me feel more comfortable with being on my period when I’m around them. Second, a bathroom is a bathroom – a lot of embarrassing things go on in there. Don’t feel shy to change your pad in there because you don’t want to have to endure a pad that’s been on too long – they become so wet and heavy. When I’m changing pads in someone else’s bathroom, or a public one, I take an extra step to wrap it up in some toilet paper so that it’s not sitting the trash screaming, “Look, I’m a used pad!” Believe me, feeling comfortable with your period is one of the best feelings because let’s face it, feeling awkward for one week every month can become exhausting.
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