Look and Feel Good While Having Your Period!

by Chelsea Krost
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There is no reason for any woman to feel ugly or miserable while having her period. Yes, having your period may cause you to feel bloated, sluggish and a bit cranky, but there are things you can do to manage those feelings. Here are a few tricks that help me feel confident and empowered during my period.

Yoga works wonders!

Yoga is such a relaxing and healthy exercise. It is not strenuous and can help to reduce bloating caused by your period. There are many forms of yoga to experiment with, so you have to see what agrees with your body. Bikram Yoga is my favorite. The class I take is 90 minutes in a 100-degree room and consists of numerous different beginner poses. After I take a Bikram class, I not only feel rejuvenated and flexible, and afterward I crave citrus and healthy foods. I love to go with my girlfriends to a class and make a fun activity out of it. It is a great remedy to feel good while having your period.

Try Green Tea.

In my opinion, Green Tea has to be one of the best substances you can feed your body. Not only does it help boost your immune system, but it soothes the digestive system, helps maintain a healthy metabolism and can provide your caffeine fix in a smaller dose than coffee. Green Tea can also substitute a craving for something sweet or sour.

Pamper Yourself.

To make myself feel more positive during my period, I always try to pamper myself a bit more. For instance I’ll get a manicure with friends, or give myself time for a power nap between classes, or even cook a great meal with a lot of protein and vegetables. The more I do for me the better I feel. Sometimes I’ll even set my alarm 15 minutes early to have more time in the morning to put my makeup on or fix my hair so I feel better throughout the day. It is the little things you do for yourself that will definitely help!

Be Active.

I think the best way to feel great is to be active and positive. Get yourself to the gym, take that power walk, ride your bike to school, or play with your dog outside - activity is key!

If you try just some of these suggestions, you will feel beautiful and ready for anything during your period! Your period should only make you feel more proud to be a woman.

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