Mom, Your Little Girl is Growing Up

by Chelsea Krost
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When I got my period at 14 years old, my relationship with my mom grew stronger. I was always able to ask my mom questions about what was happening with my body without feeling intimidated or embarrassed. Regardless of who you talk to you, all women can relate because we all get our period, so embrace the opportunity to share something and bond over this major change in your life.

Using a tampon can be a confusing process.  I remember the moment when I asked my mom the right way to use a tampon.  I walked into her bathroom where she was putting on her makeup and simply said, "Mom, I'm ready to learn how to use a tampon, and would like for you to show me how, please." Of course, she gave me the infamous, "my baby is all grown up" look along with her big puppy dog eyes, and said, "I'd love to!"  It was definitely a moment to remember.

My mother then pulled out her box of tampons and we sat down on the bathroom floor where she showed me step-by-step how to use a tampon.  She also gave me some helpful hints about putting it in safely, which I found most important.  After we had the conversation, she gave me the biggest hug, which made me realize how easy it really was to approach her with this difficult question.

There is no wrong or right time to have this conversation. Whenever you feel confident and at ease take some time to speak with your mother, sister, aunt or anyone you feel comfortable with.  My motto is: never hold anything in and never hesitate to ask questions - questions always lead to answers!  The key is to talk to someone and remember you are not alone.  All women get their period, many women use tampons, and everyone has a first experience.


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