Price Check, Lane Two

by Jamie Villarreal
Shopping cart full of chocolate, candy, snacks, and U by Kotex

Shopping for period products is definitely not on my list of things that I enjoy. I mean, I don't hate it. I save hating for things like the fact that red velvet cupcakes aren't a food group or that my hair will never look as good as when my stylist does it. So unfair.

But, for years, I would totally go out of my way to buy a bunch of things I didn't necessarily need in hopes that I could "hide" the tampon box in the mix so the cashier wouldn't notice. Then I'd try to find the one female cashier because at least she would GET it and I wouldn't have to go to the 17-year-old boy who is silently turning red at the fact that he is touching something that has to do with vaginas. I'd also be crossing my fingers and praying there wouldn't be some kind of price scanner malfunction and "Price check for tampons on lane 2!!" wouldn't ring out throughout the store speakers. Then I would implode out of sheer embarrassment because in my head I'd hear "THIS GIRL RIGHT HERE, THE ONE IN THE PURPLE SHIRT NAMED JAMIE HAS HER PERIOD. LOOK AT HER!"

Growing up, I never really talked with my mother about my period. I was given a pamphlet explaining menstruation and that was about it. I didn't even tell her when I eventually got it. I felt embarrassed because those lines of communication were never there with her in the beginning. I think that transferred to how comfortable I was buying products for myself, like it was supposed to be this super secret thing you're not supposed to talk about and keep private.

I eventually realized I was making it out to be way more of a big deal than it actually is. Getting your period isn't something you need to be ashamed of; it's just how your body works. Talking about it with a friend, doing research myself, and learning to not be afraid to ask questions helped me become way more comfortable with my body and what was going on inside me.

It's no longer a big deal for me to just walk into a store and slap a box of tampons on the register lane and not feel awkward doing so. I'm by no means screaming, "I have my period!" while walking through the store, but if someone sees what I'm buying, I'm not embarrassed. Periods happen, and so does the buying of products to go along with them. There's no point in stressing over something you can't help and that you certainly shouldn't be embarrassed about. And if you still feel weird buying tampons or pads by themselves, I highly recommend that you accompany that purchase with some chocolate chip cookies!


My mom just buys me a box and hides it under other stuff she buys.

" - zombiehunter
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