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Myth or Reality: When you spend a lot of time with your girlfriends, your periods synch up.

Myth—probably. The idea of menstrual synchrony, as it's technically called, was introduced back in 1971 by a Harvard grad student who studied her college dorm-mates' cycles. Many other researchers have since conducted studies that turned up no evidence that cycles tend to synch. If they appear to, many say, it's probably just coincidence. One thing's for sure, though: Menstrual Synchrony could be a pretty rad band name.

Myth or Reality: You cannot get pregnant during your period.

Myth. It's not common, but it sure is possible. Say you happen to have sex toward the end of your period. And say his sperm happens to be super strong and keeps swimming around inside you for five days, their max life span. And say you happen to have a short cycle, meaning you release an egg very soon after your period ends. Bam—baby time.  

Myth or Reality: It’s no biggie if you miss one birth control pill.

Reality—for the most part. Most women are on combination progestin-estrogen pills. If you take one of those late, or even miss a day, you're likely OK. If you miss two or more, however, definitely skip sex or use backup birth control for seven days, and talk to your doc about the best way to get back on a regular pill-taking track. If you're on progestin-only pills and take one more than three hours late, you'll need to go sex-free or use backup for two days. A super rule of thumb: When in doubt, use backup.

Myth or Reality: Sharks are attracted to your period blood.

We'll go with myth. While some disagree, most experts say that sharks are most interested in eating animals, so people blood in general doesn't send the same exciting message as a sea creature's does. What's more, many menstruating women have swum with the sharks and lived to tell about it.

Myth or Reality: A tampon could get lost in your vagina.

Myth. Your vagina is only about three inches long and leads directly to your cervix, which is way too narrow for anything to get through. A tampon could, however, get lodged way up in your love canal, making it difficult to reach. If this happens, stay calm. Lie down or sit in a comfortable position, stick two clean fingers up there until you feel the tampon or its string, and pull. If you can’t quite reach it, push a little, like you’re trying to poop. No go? Make a doctor's appointment ASAP. You could get an infection if it stays in there too long.


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