When you get your first period, they say it is light. Does that mean that the color is light or that there is not much bleeding?


Actually, both of these things can be true! For many girls, the amount of bleeding they experience during their first period is relatively small. You may even just experience “spotting,” or the appearance of small amounts of blood from time to time. Also, while most girls expect to see bright red blood, some find that during their first period their discharge is more of a brown or tan color. These are all considered “normal” during your first period.



I believe it refers to the flow of your period, and it varies for each of us. Some girls will start their first period with just some spotting, but others might start with a heavy flow right away. And the colors range from brown to shades of red. Just remember all of us are unique, and you truly don’t know until you experience it yourself first hand. I hope this helps.


Great question. When people say your first period will be light they are most like talking about flow, not color. However, everyone is different and your flow may vary while your cycle tries to find its rhythm. Because of this, I recommend tucking extra pads/tampons and liners in your purse/backpack…just in case your period happens to be heavier than expected. And don’t forget explore the Hello Period pages of the U by Kotex website. It’s a get resource for period newbies to share first-time stories and read up on the nitty-gritty details of menstruation. Additional questions? You know where to find us!


I'm on my first one and it isn't light in color or flow! Lol I have to change heavy pads every hour and it looks like a bloody nose but down there...

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