The Worst Times to Get Your Period (and the Best Ways to Deal)

Worst times for periods

When a special event comes around, it seems Aunt Flo loves to too. But instead of obsessing over the insanely bad timing, remember this: Your period does not have the power to ruin your good time. Take a deep breath and a few simple measures, and rock on, you fine, menstruating lady.

A big date

The fact that you are a woman, and therefore menstruate, should be no surprise to anyone, so the main issue here is keeping symptoms to a minimum so you can enjoy yourself, right? Load up on pain reliever, and stock your purse with concealer, a chocolate stash and just enough pads or tampons. Politely excuse yourself like the lady you are for frequent changes, the best way to avoid extreme stink-vag—a definite date-killer.

A day at the beach

If you plan on getting in the water, you're gonna want to wear a tampon. Just tuck that little string up inside you and—seriously—no one will know. Be sure to pack enough extras (they're compact!) and change it regularly. It will only release the bloodgates if it has already absorbed to the max.

A road race

Keep your mind on your run, not your monthly visitor. If you use a tampon, coat the string with petroleum jelly or anti-chafe balm to avoid chafing, or simply cut the string super short before inserting. If you use a pad, apply the jelly or balm to its edges. Tuck a backup tampon or pad and a little tube of lube into your shorts pocket or waist pack. Now, cross that finish line!

A European backpacking trip

Space is clearly limited. Pack only the number of tampons you'll need based on changing an average of four to six hours for three to five days—then tweak the amount and absorbency for your period's typical heaviness and length. Under-budget. Remember: Women everywhere menstruate. You'll be able to purchase more somewhere along the way.

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