When I get my period, I'm really moody and I just want to tell everyone (even guys), "I'm on my period, leave me alone!" Should I?


It depends! Would it make you feel better? If you’re comfortable saying that and you’d feel better saying it, you have every right to be honest. After all, maybe they don’t know that sometimes, girls get moody and they need to back off. On the other hand, a lot of people, guys especially, don’t understand why a period would make a girl moody or can act weird when the topic comes up. So if it would make you feel embarrassed as soon as you said it, or you might have to spend more time talking about your period when all you wanted was to be left alone, then it might be better to just plan to have some extra time alone during your period. Throw on your headphones, grab a book, and retreat to your room for the explanation necessary.


Well, this is entirely your decision. If you were my girl, this is what I would tell you: I do not want anyone in my life blaming my every move on my period. Yes, indeed I get moody, and on occasion snap verbally during my period. However, I would get a bit snappier if my husband ever said, “Oh, is it that time of the month?” No, no excuse for me, I battle the mood and tendency toward snappy comebacks with exercise, going to bed early, and simply escaping from the irritants (whatever they may be). I want you to never have to use your period as an excuse. Yes, it is hard, and I agree the mood swings are real, but do not let people get you down because of your period. Consider being proactive: Look back to any month that ran a bit smoother during your period. What did you do differently? Did you exercise or rest more or simply take more time for yourself? This is your choice of course, and do not think that this has not crossed many female minds to just yell it out!


Here’s the thing about having your period: it is totally normal to feel a little moody, cranky, or “on edge” before and during your period. Most women experience some mood symptoms, although in general, they are fairly mild. However, having your period does not give you the right to take out your moodiness on others, and you certainly don’t want to say or do anything that could harm relationships with people you care about! That said, I think it is totally okay for you to tell people that you have your period or PMS. It may actually help them interpret your behavior – they will take your moods less personally if they know it wasn’t “something they did.” However, if you can, try to communicate your concerns with respect and kindness. There’s a big difference between telling someone “leave me alone!” and letting them know that you need a little space right now to deal with your crankiness without inflicting it on others. Finally, if your mood symptoms get bad enough that it is possible for you to be around others without lashing out at them, you should definitely contact a healthcare professional or your school counselor. For some women, PMS irritability can be quite severe and unmanageable, and in these cases treatment is usually required.

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