Changes in Your Cycle Post-Pregnancy

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After pregnancy, menstruation begins again. But when it begins depends on a number of factors. If you breastfeed, you may not start menstruating until you stop nursing your child. If you decide not to breastfeed, you will probably begin to menstruate six to eight weeks after you give birth. And remember, you can get pregnant even if your period hasn’t returned.

How heavy or light your period is when it returns depends on your level of hormone production. Also, it might take a while to develop a regular cycle again. And don’t be surprised if it is different than before you became pregnant; it could be heavier, and cramping could be more severe.


I never had cramps and only bled for 3 day every 28 before pregnancy, now after having my son I have it for 5-7 days and it's every 2 weeks & I cramp so hard it's unreal. My son is 16 months old and this still is what is happening...

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