Can I take birth control to avoid getting horrible cramps and throwing up?


That is a great question! I am glad to hear you are aware of the benefits of birth control other than to prevent pregnancy. Dysmenorrhea or painful periods can be frustrating, tiring, and life altering, but they are also treatable. Taking a birth control pill can help regulate your periods and make them lighter, shorter and more predictable. Cramping and vomiting can be greatly decreased as well. There is also some good information in the Real Answers section of this website that address managing painful periods. Contact your healthcare provider to review all your options.


I had horrible cramps when I was younger. They're no fun, are they? There are birth control options that you can discuss with your healthcare professional to help ease your symptoms. If you're under 18, I recommend talking to a trusted adult first. I have a son, but I know if I had a daughter I would really hope she would come to me about decisions such as this. You can also try to manage your symptoms in other ways. Nancy Redd wrote a great article that will give you some tips. (


It's definitely one option. I went on birth control when I was in high school because I had horrible cramps that sometimes prevented me from going to school. I'm grateful that the pill helped with that quite a bit. But I also have friends who went on the pill only to find that didn't help much with cramps, and it made them more likely to throw up. So before you decide to go on any kind of birth control, it makes sense to weigh the pros and cons with your healthcare provider. Keep in mind, you might also have to try a few different types before you find one that works for you. Good luck!

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