Can you get pregnant if you haven't started your period yet?

Yes, you can. Even though you may not have experienced menstrual flow, it is possible to have ovulated or released an egg. For example, ovulation occurs approximately 2 weeks before typical menstrual bleeding. If this is a first period, a girl is still fertile or able to conceive/get pregnant around the time the egg is released. Sometimes early periods can be very light, such as brown spotting in your underwear. This is the onset of your period, but some may not realize this.  Any unprotected sex can lead to pregnancy.
You stumped me on this one, great question to ask! So what does a mom that is stumped do? I asked a physician. Not only did I want to know personally for my girls, I would never want to mislead you. The answer is yes, so please check out Michelle's health expert response to this, share the information with your friends, and bust a myth that many of us (including me!) believed. Thank you for your question. You might have changed the course of how a lot of girls (and women) think.
Okay, I'll try to answer this without sounding like a middle-school sex-ed class, but I can't make any promises. Even though you haven't started your period, you still have eggs inside of you that are waiting to be fertilized. If you have unprotected sex, there is still a chance of one of those eggs becoming fertilized which leads to you becoming pregnant. So, even though you haven't started your period, yes, you're still able to get pregnant.
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