I admit I am very shy about this, but my first time was really short because I started bleeding a lot. If I attempt to have sex again will I bleed this time too?

No need to be shy! Although nothing is “normal” when it comes to vaginas, bleeding the first time you have sex is very common. The hymen is a thin tissue that stretches across the opening of the vagina and when broken it can and will bleed. Some girls may bleed the first few times they have sex, others once, and some not at all… it’s nothing to worry over. And in my opinion the person you’re with should understand. In fact, you may even want to bring it up. I find talking about things that seem embarrassing can take away a lot of their power (real or imagined). And if you’re still concerned, it’s never a bad idea to check with your healthcare provider. Take care and feel free to reach out if you have any additional questions!!
Trust me, the first time is never as perfect, romantic or long-lasting as it seems on TV or in the movies, and I get why you're concerned about that next time. I've heard a lot of stories about other women's first experiences (yes, even we moms still remember back that far). Some bled a bit. Others didn't. But usually, there's only blood that first time. Just know that it's different for everyone and no two experiences are alike. Please try not to let your fear get to you. Most of all, I hope you're doing something to protect yourself and your partner every time.
First, it’s totally normal to feel shy about some things. Second, I am so glad that you asked!!

Sometimes there is a little bit of spotting during intercourse the first time, usually because the hymen (a thin piece of tissue that covers part of the vaginal opening) tears. Otherwise, unless you are having your period, bleeding during or shortly after sex is considered something to see your healthcare provider about. I know that might not be what you want to do, but it is important to find out why if it keeps happening! Be sure to notice if there is any pain, when the bleeding happens, how long it lasts, and what it looks like (color, clots).

Also, remember to always use a condom whenever you have sex! And, if you are feeling shy about having sex, then remember you get to make the choice not to do so until you are ready!
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