I'm getting that yellow and white discharge. I know it's normal, but I've had it for two years. What should I do? PS- I live with my dad.


You are right, clear, milky white to light yellow vaginal discharge is totally normal. It starts about two years before your period begins. It keeps the vagina moist and helps with its natural cleaning. The thickness and amount varies through your menstrual cycle because of hormone fluctuations. Until you are done having periods (around age 50) you will continue to have vaginal discharge. Like you said in your question, it is normal but there are changes we should pay attention to-an odor, a darker color, a larger amount. Any of these things you should talk to your healthcare provider about because they may signal an infection or something out of balance.

You mentioned that you live with your dad. I remember not wanting to talk to my dad about any “girl stuff” – yikes! Try talking to a friend or a trusted family member with your questions. These things might seem easier if you have someone you can feel comfortable talking to. You can always write us here, too! We love hearing your questions.
I am guessing talking about this with dad might be uncomfortable? Back in the day, I never even uttered the word “period” in front of my dad. Here are a couple of ideas if the discharge is bothering you. When it’s laundry time, have you considered panty liners? There are many thin, light ones that might do the trick. Or, if you want to just handle this differently you can get hand wash detergent to wash them in the sink, and hang to dry. You had not mentioned starting your period yet. Is there a woman in your family you feel comfortable asking to take you shopping for products? We are all in this together, let us know how it goes.
The solutions I have for this won’t involve any potential embarrassing conversations or moments with your dad, I promise. I’m glad you know that this is totally normal. But it can be an annoyance. There were two things that immediately popped up in my head when I read your questions. One, tight pants and thongs can exacerbate discharge. And two, wet wipes. So, I realized that whenever I wear tight pants and/or thongs consecutively, I have more of an issue with discharge. Try mixing your days and weeks up with some regular briefs and skirts or looser jeans, this might help with the frequency of discharge. Now, I’ll try to pass my love for wet wipes on to you. I use them religiously, not only because they feel better than regular dry toilet paper but also because after using them, I feel cleaner down there. And hygiene is crucial to tackling discharge. Wet wipes are my secret weapon. Give them a try; I’m sure they’ll not only change the number of panties you’ll have to go through a week, but also your entire bathroom experience.
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