I'm ready to have sex with my new boyfriend, but I'm scared of what he'll think of my vagina. What should I do?


I've never met you (or seen your vagina!), but I know one thing: Your boyfriend loves your vagina! There's no doubt in my mind. First of all, he's probably pretty crazy about you, which is the most important thing. But if you're not comfortable, then it doesn't matter what HE thinks, right? So you should do whatever you need to do to feel the most comfortable and sexy. Does getting a bikini wax or buying a fun pair of undies make you feel sexy? Or maybe you feel sexier after taking a long bubble bath or solving a mathematical equation? Whatever the case, do what you need to do to feel sexy and go into the experience with complete and utter confidence that your boyfriend is crazy about you AND your vagina.


Society has really done a number on us in regards to this, even me. I gave birth to two children but never thought of how I looked down there in a positive way. Take a look at something that altered this 45-year-old woman’s opinion of self. Nancy Redd’s book Body Drama, page 118, literally shows you we are all different shapes, colors and sizes. If you and your boyfriend are that serious my hunch is that he is into you for more than “just looks,” much less your vagina. Please once you feel better about yourself and are considering that next move, you are protected fully and protect your beautiful self (the mom in me had to throw that in).


I think every single one of us has wondered the same thing, you just had the guts to talk about it out loud! Let's face it, your vagina's the most personal part of you and showing it off to someone, even someone you care about can be intimidating. I suspect though your boyfriend wonders the same thing about his penis (or at least he has in the past). Relax and know that if this is a good relationship and you both respect and care about each other, he will love your vagina!

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