Is it safe to not wear panties to bed? It is better for me? Is there a chance of something happening to my area?


It is perfectly safe not to wear panties to bed if that is what makes you the most comfortable. I do it all the time. I am not sure if it is medically better for you. You may want to wear panties to bed when you are on your period even if you are wearing a tampon, just in case it leaks. It is much easier to clean underwear than sheets. Also if you wear pajama pants without panties, remember to wash them often to prevent infection.


Yes, it is safe and totally okay. I’m a lot older than you and I have been doing this all my life. I like to not feel constricted when I am sleeping. Your “area” will be just fine, along with the rest of your body. Here is just a bit of mom advice: If you are wearing panties to bed, please make sure they are cotton and not tight. Yeast infections do happen when you are wearing nylon tight clothing and those are an intense itchy bummer!


It is perfectly safe to sleep without wearing panties – what you wear to bed is a matter of personal preference. Some girls and women choose to sleep in the nude, while others wear underwear and nightclothes. The only time when you might need to wear panties is when you have your period. If you use pads, you’ll definitely need underwear to hold your pad in place, and many women who use tampons like to use a liner as well to keep them (and their sheets) protected overnight.

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