My right breast seems to discharge when it gets squeezed. Is that normal?

Most girls have around 20 holes per nipple, each hole with its own tube (or duct), and every one of those little guys could be a suspect. The tubes can be filled with fluid and giving your nipple a squeeze can cause the fluid to leak out - AKA discharge! Discharge can be a variety of colors and textures and I recommend asking your healthcare provider to take a closer look. In my opinion, squeezing or picking at things is never a good, I’d hold off on any more self-inspection until you talk to a health provider. And don’t forget to check out what our Health Expert Sandy has to say. I’m sure she’ll have some great advice.
If you're discovering this during a breast self-examination (BSE), then congrats on being proactive! I hope you get into the habit of doing it monthly.
Breast discharge or leaking has many causes: hormone changes and imbalance (e.g., puberty or pregnancy), injury to the ducts, infection, and stimulation of the nipple or breast. Having breast discharge can sometimes feel scary because it can be related to breast cancer. However, most cases of breast discharge are NOT related to cancer!

First, make an appointment with your healthcare provider. Next, while you wait for your appointment, write down what your discharge looks like (clear, straw-colored, milky, red/pink), how often it happens (everyday, once each month), when it happens (e.g. after you shower, the week before your period, after you exercise),  and any other symptoms you notice (e.g., pain in your breast, headaches, periods irregular). Also pay attention to whether or not it comes out on its own or after you have been touching/squeezing your breasts. When you have your appointment, your provider will probably do a breast exam. He/she may even order some other tests like blood work to check specific hormones or an Ultrasound to look at the breast tissue.

Until your appointment, try not to squeeze your breasts because the more they are stimulated, the more likely the discharge is to continue!
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