Sometimes when I sit down or suddenly move around, why does my vagina make a farting sound? It's so embarrassing. How do I get it to stop?


What goes in, must come out. Varts (slang term for air being expelled from the vagina), can be embarrassing. The hardest part is that you have no control over this! At least with a regular fart (or pooty as my grandmother would say) you have some chance of holding it in. Air can get trapped in the vagina with simple activities such as bending over and sitting with your legs open. The thrust of a penis going in and out of a vagina can also cause some air to be trapped inside the vaginal canal. And, again, what goes in must come out.

Know this is a natural process, has no odor and probably only heard by you. You can attempt to decrease this by squeezing your pelvic muscles together several times and changing positions frequently. This is certainly no guarantee, so have fun, be confident, and remember it happens to everyone.


The sound is air escaping from your vagina, perfectly normal.  I have heard that Kegel exercises can help keep it from happening, and I’m hoping that Michelle addresses that in her answer.


Ah, not so affectionately known as the queef or vart (among other things).  What you’re feeling is air trapped within the vagina that’s being released by sudden movement and of course. It can be humiliating, but not uncommon. It’s not as if you are actually passing gas, so there should be no odor but the sound is embarrassing enough!

So, how to make it stop? That, I’m not sure about — it’s a pretty natural occurrence in most cases, so let’s see what our Health Expert recommends.

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