Taking Good Care

by Jordan Miller
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Personal Hygiene

All of our panelists say that they prefer to wash with mild soap and warm water (which you can just do in your regular shower or bath), but there are other methods that can work in a pinch!

I avoid the scented, multi-colored (usually pink and white) soaps that go hand-in-hand with some cliché commercial about a girl being sexy and smooth, and just go for regular soap. - Peer Panelist Mai Nguyen

It's cool, the options we have now, versus when I was growing up. Like the disposable towelettes - if I am in a pinch these little things are great. - Mom Panelist Ruth Anne Lemley

When I use a pad when I'm having my period, I use one that is thin and sucks all the blood into it so I don't feel damp all day. I also change my pad every few hours and bring those flushable wipes along with me so I can feel clean and beautiful all day long. - Health Expert Panelist Dr. Molly O'Shea

Preventing Yeast Infections

Tip: wearing cotton underwear helps your vagina breathe and can also help prevent yeast infections.

After having one yeast infection too many, I looked into ways to avoid the problem. I soon learned that if I ditched my pretty nylon panties and stuck to plain cotton, things were much more comfortable down there. - Mom Panelist Maggie Vink

Keep in mind that yeast infections are common. Just because you get a yeast infection, it doesn't mean that it's because you aren't clean. (I got my first one from being on a long course of strong antibiotics). You probably won't want to broadcast it to the world, but you certainly shouldn't feel embarrassed to talk about it, either.

If you think you might have a yeast infection (and I encourage you to familiarize yourself with the symptoms), talk to your health provider. Trust me: if you knock that sucker out right away, you'll be glad you did. If you let a yeast infection go, it can get really itchy and painful.

I told you it was easy! Since when could soap, water, and a balanced diet ever count as bad advice for anything? Now go out there and find some cute, cotton underwear. There's a ton of it out there, I promise!


dear samm, your doctor meant inside your vagina. Washing around that area from where your pubic hair starts to your butt crack is where you should wash.

" - jessicalovesyou:)
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