What am I supposed to look like down there?

Some girls and women have never really taken a good look at their own vagina before (it’s kind of hard to see, right?) and so they don’t know quite what to expect or what is “normal”. I have good news for you- there is no particular way that you are “supposed” to look! Vaginas come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, and no two are exactly alike. You might want to check out advocacy panelist Nancy Redd’s book, “Body Drama”, which features pictures that show how all kinds of healthy, normal vaginas look. Or, you may find it helpful to become more familiar with what YOU look like “down there.” Though it might seem a little odd to take a mirror and check yourself out, it will help you become more comfortable with this important part of your body!

We all have different faces, and body shapes and sizes, and we all look different “down there.” I really think that any woman’s first reaction upon seeing her vulva (this is the name of the whole pubic area) is “This does not look right.” But it is!

There are plenty of materials you can refer to as a guide; but please remember you will not look exactly like the picture in the book. My daughter found Nancy Redd’s book, “Body Drama,” to be an excellent resource.
I'm going to let you in on a secret, though it won't be much of a secret anymore. I didn't really know to look "down there" until I watched the Sex and The City episode when Charlotte takes a mirror and puts it between her legs. It wasn't until I saw that episode when I thought I should probably become acquainted with myself, all of myself. I searched the Internet for diagrams so I had something to compare to and then introduced myself to myself. Of course, it was awkward, severely awkward, but afterwards, I felt a lot more comfortable with myself. I can't tell you what you're supposed to look like, because a vagina is like a fingerprint, no one really has the same exact one. Every girl looks different down there. Diagrams will help you make sure you have everything you need and should have, but the way it's all packaged is unique to you.
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