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G How can I fix my irregular period ? By irregular I mean it's sometimes 2 or 3 months late or have it twice in one month 7/1/2017 1:15:44 AM
mc hi. i had my period at the beginning of the month on the 12th now i'm having me period on the 30th of the same month. somebody said it's from a sti ( sexual transmitted infection) i just wanna know is it a sti & if it is how can i treat it 7/1/2017 3:41:38 AM
Danie Why do my vagina flaps shrink during my period? 7/1/2017 4:16:44 AM
Sarah Each time I use the pads I get really raw and I break out. I am allergic to latex. Do your pads contain this ingredien? Do your pads contain this ingredient? 7/1/2017 7:09:41 AM
Melisa My 8 1/2 yr.old is getting precramps,her Dr. said to start looking for pads or tampons. Are tampons safe,and what ones ? Once a mo. she's getting precramps so now we have marked it on her calander, so she can start keeping track. Her dr. said anytime now it will show up. 7/1/2017 7:28:47 AM
Carmen In April i had my period on the 15 and then in May it came on the 12th and in June it came 23 days later on the 3rd and then 16 days later it came on the 18th and that I thought to be implantation bleeding, cause the way my cycle was going I should have came on my period on the 27 of June which would have been July period. I went to see my doctor on the 1 June and had my pap done and had no issues with any of the test done so is this normal. 7/1/2017 9:23:53 AM
Claire Hi! I just turned 14 and in November 2016 I got my first period. I have been using pads since then. It's summer now and I want to swim in the sea even when I'm on my period. But my mum won't let me use a tampon because she thinks I am too young to use one and that if I use it, it might get stuck and won't come out! How can I convince her to let me use a tampon? 7/1/2017 9:28:54 AM
Carmen Im 44 and i jus experienced having 2 periods in 1 month. June 3 was the first and then again on the 18 of June to early to be July period..I thought I was pregnant cause technically I should have started on the 27 of June and today its July 1. Was that a period on the 18 I thought it was implantation bleeding 7/1/2017 9:39:27 AM
Nicole Why do I crave milk when I'm on my period? 7/1/2017 10:45:36 AM
Aschley Is it bad for girls under the age of 18 to use a tampon 7/1/2017 10:54:04 AM