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When your pad moves to the wrong place

Our pads stay in place, but we’ve all felt this before, right?

We love to chill and relax on our periods. Pet penguin optional.

But f’real, don’t.

Find this phone background (and more cute ones) on Pinterest.

So yum! Ice cream = the best period craving.



Totally fab.

We are this or that-ing all over Wishbone. Find us, follow us, decide for us! 


my joy was short lived 

It’s bittersweet! (Just like our fav chocolate, LOL.)


My uterus every 28 days

If ur uterus could talk.


Regular me vs period me.

Makes us think of Carmilla and also of us PMSing our way through the week.

Press start and choose ur protection! Our tampons and pads give you +1 STR  and +1 DEF any day of the month.



Relaxing on your period like:


Food en We Heart It -

When you’re so hungry that everything looks like pizza.


When you start eating, but everyone else bows their head to say grace.

When you start eating realizing everyone else is waiting for everyone to get there…


Struggling To Get Comfy

When you wake up with cramps and you can’t get comfortable.

Every Monday.

Is ur phone as cute as it could be?! Download our background images here.


Hot New Gif!

The day your period ends.


Ummm. I spent two hours making this uterus gif. I don’t know why. I’m sorry

We love this 8-bit uterus…. LOLLLL.



Day 1.5 of your period.



PMS made us  do it…

Pizza is the new black.

Whoa. This tampon chalk art has us swooning.



Venus in Aries PMSing.


This cat hates hugs as much as we do while PMSing…

Do the dudes in ur life know how a tampon works?


not exactly sanitary but V V resourceful

Friendship goals have never been more real than with Abbi and Ilana.

Statement necklace.

Natasha isn’t kidding! But, for real, tampons > confetti?


Ladies, the next time you’re in pain here’s a little motivational poster for your uterus.

LOL. This poster tho. Sloth uterus?! So ridonk. We’re laugh-crying!!


Can we take a second to talk about Elise excitedly yelling the word tampons

When Laura Hollis mouths “tampons”. LOL.

When your cramps wake you up and it’s the rudest thing ever and then you realize there are crumbs in bed from snacks….

When you start your period right after having the flu… You are stronger than you thought! You’re ok!!

“This pop-up shop is magic.” We agree, Naomi. We agree 100%. And if you guys aren’t in NYC head to our Instagram/Twitter for daily giveaways!

Josh Gondelman has NEVER HAD A PERIOD. We lolled last night listening to his set at the Period Shop in NYC. What’s your favorite period joke?

We have a giveaway for ya from the Period Shop – the first of our groundbreaking series of projects inspired and led by real women like you who share our passion for change! And you can win a signed box of U by Kotex tampons along with a limited edition t–shirt from today’s Carmilla event in NYC!

In order to enter, simply reblog with what is normally on your period shopping list. Giveaway ends at 6pm EST. Find full link to rules here.

Hollstein is here in NYC (138 5th Ave.) shopping at the Period Shop! We want those pants toooo!!! What do you think?! Reblog if you wish you were here hangin’.

We’re so excited that Hollstein will be at our pop-up Period Shop tomorrow morning! Reblog if you are too!

Got 99 problems but thanks to @ubykotex my #period ain’t one. - @taytay_fierce

P.S. Are you at the pop-up Period Shop here in NYC?! Show us your gifs!! And if not peep our Instagram and Twitter for giveaways all weekend.

Peace. Love. Periods.

Our pop-up Period Shop is so cool, you’ll never want to glow away. In NYC May 13-15 only! Get into it.

OMG. Get ready for the world’s first pop-up Period Shop. This weekend only in NYC! Not in the area?! Peep our Instagram/Twitter for giveaways!

We want you to meet Sarah because her idea changed everything! More to come…

Our period calculator is magical! Start tracking now right here

Cold hard truth.